Artist/Author : Bildstein, Keith L.
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Raptors are formally classified into five families and include birds – such as eagles, ospreys, kites, true hawks, buzzards, harriers, vultures, and falcons – that are familiar and recognized by many observers. These diurnal birds of prey are found on every continent except Antarctica and can thrive in seemingly inhospitable spots such as deserts and the tundra. They have powerful talons and hooked beaks for cutting and tearing meat, and keen binocular vision to aid in their hunting prowess. Because of their large size, distinctive feeding habits, and long-distance flight patterns, raptors intrigue humans and have been the subject of much general interest as well as extensive scientific research.

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Comstock Publishing, May 2017, hardcover, 336 pages.  8 plates with colour photos; 1 b/w illustration, 8 b/w maps, 11 tables