Artist/Author : Harden, Gwen, Hugh Nicholson, Bill McDonald, Nan Nicholson, Terry Tame and John Williams.
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This interactive computer key contains over 11,000 photographs covering all 1139 species of trees, shrubs and climbing plants found in rainforests between Rockhampton and southern Victoria. A fact sheet for each species provides a comprehensive botanical description while a detailed line-drawing highlights each plant’s important features. Based on the books by the ‘Red” and ‘Green’ books by Williams and Harden (see Rainforest trees and shrubs  and Rainforest climbing plants ), this key works through the Lucid program and is supplied on a USB. The Lucid 3.5 key uses vegetative features, fruit and flower details as well as habit, bark, family, rainforest type and geographic distribution.
There are regular updates on: http://rainforests.net.au/updates/

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Gwen Harden Publishing and Terania Rainforest Publishing, USB Flash Drive.

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