Hnizdo, J. and N. Pantchev, editors.

A compendium on chelonian diseases, including their diagnosis and treatment. It also focuses on preventive medicine through inclusion of species-specific husbandry information to help prevent common husbandry mistakes, which may cause disease or injury. With the chapters: Turtle anatomy and physiology, biology and husbandry of Turtles, brumation (hibernation), protection of Chelonian species, general Chelonian medicine, clinical nutrition, clinical examination, examination of organ systems, special investigative techniques (laboratory, radiology, ultrasound endoscopy), Turtle parasites, selected viral disease of Turtles, electron microscopy, pathomorphological diagnosis, administering medications, anaesthesia and surgery, surgery, and special section on common Turtle diseases.

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Edition Chimaira, Quarto, laminated boards, colour photographs, black and white photographs, medical scans, line drawings.

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