Probert, P. Keith

Providing a comprehensive account of marine conservation, this book examines human use and abuse of the world’s seas and oceans and their marine life, and the various approaches to management and conservation. Healthy marine ecosystems – the goods and services that they provide – are of vital importance to human well being. There is a pressing need for a global synthesis of marine conservation issues and approaches. Marine Conservation covers conservation issues pertinent to major groups of marine organisms, such as sharks, marine turtles, seabirds and marine mammals; key habitats, from estuaries, wetlands and coral reefs to the deep sea; and from local and regional to international initiatives in marine conservation. An ideal resource for students, researchers and conservation professionals, Marine Conservation pays appropriate attention to the underlying marine biology and oceanography and how human activities impact marine ecosystems, enabling the reader to fully understand the context of conservation action and its rationale.

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Cambridge University Press, July 2017.  524 pages,  paperback, 16 plates with 30 colour photos and colour illustrations; 127 b/w photos and b/w illustrations, tables