Groves, Colin.

The author of the landmark Primate taxonomy, Colin Groves is formally known as a Professor of Biological Anthropology at the Australian National University, but he has been acknowledged as “the senior statesman, philosopher, and historian of primatology.” With his new book Extended Family: Long Lost Cousins, Colin Groves has created a work which is both unique to its field and an essential prerequisite – a compact history of the Western world’s gradually deepening awareness of the primate order.

Working from an encyclopedic knowledge of primates throughout human history, Colin Groves provides a quick-reading narrative that serves equally well as an introduction for new students or an illuminating refresher for experienced researchers. Supporting its easy flow are decades of research; a lifetime of scholarship has been expertly condensed into a survey of primates in Western science, and by extension their treatment in European art, society and philosophy.

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Conservation International, Octavo, paperback, colour illustrations, black and white illustrations.

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