Consorte-McCrea, Adriana Gomes and Eliana Ferraz Santos.

Wolves are considered controversial figures worldwide: mythical creatures as well as troublemakers, conservation efforts on their behalf are often polarizing. In recent years much effort has focused on the discussion of how to conserve large carnivores, such as wolves, while addressing public concerns. Compared with the Grey wolf, little is known about the Maned wolf, the peculiarities of its relationship with local people and the environment, and the reasons for its decline, making research about the species an urgent concern. This book gathers the work of the leading researchers in the field about different aspects of maned wolf conservation (feeding ecology, distribution, people’s attitudes, habitat studies, conservation projects for the species in and ex situ) and also provides innovative perspectives for the future of conservation strategies (education, human dimensions, ethno conservation) worldwide.

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Taylor & Francis, Octavo, laminated boards, black and white photographs, diagrams, graphs.

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