French, Jess

In Minibeasts, Jess French looks at amazing invertebrates found all over the world, from bird-eating tarantulas to glow-in-the-dark scorpions, and from metre-long stick insects to bat-eating centipedes. Jess uses her vast knowledge and unparalled zeal for insects to dive headfirst into the breathtaking world of invertebrates and explore some of their unbelievable adaptations and evolution.

Fancy meeting a foot-long centipede or a spider the size of your dinner plate? With Jess’s help you can do just that from the safety of your sofa.

Discover how minibeasts mate, fight, hide, collaborate, evolve and survive in the most extreme of earth’s conditions. Learn about the exquisite and perfect co-evolution of nectar-drinking insects and the flowers they pollinate. Shudder at tales of wasps that turn their prey into zombie hosts and worms that eat their prey from the inside out. And marvel at the dedication of minibeast parents, from fathers who stop eating in order to dedicate all their time to fanning their eggs, to mothers sacrificing their bodies as a cannibalistic offering for their offspring’s first meal.

Let Jess’s exuberant text enlighten you on the fascinating and extreme world of the minibeast, revealing everything from firefly morse code to mid-flight kamikaze mating, all captured in superb detail through incredible photography.

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Bloomsbury Wildlife, April 2018.  128 pages, paperback, 200 colour photographis


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