Veron, J. E. N.

The first reference of its kind, this book represents good biology, well-founded systematics, accessible biogeography, geological history of corals that can be traced back over five hundred million years, and one of the finest collections of pictures of corals to be found anywhere. Hailed as the single most important reference on reef corals, Corals of Australia and the IndoPacific is useful in describing corals in all areas of Oceania and Southeast Asia. It provides a means of identifying almost 1,000 species of coral, a reliable nomenclature, up-to-date information on distribution and abundance, and authoritative notes on structure and biology.

With the help of Australia’s best underwater photographers the author reveals the fascination of the coral world, from the microscopic detail of individual coral polyps to the grandeur of vast reefs-the largest structures built by living creatures. Dr. Veron has effectively synthesized many years of his own taxonomic studies and those of several co-workers to produce a classic publication.   His extensive experience with the reefs of many countries, his superb scholarship, and his emphasis on living corals make his authoritative work of value to scientists and conservationists and an indispensable reference for educators, students of marine biology, divers, and everyone with an interest in the coral communities that exist throughout the world like miniature forests beneath the water.

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University of Hawaii Press, 1993.  656 pages, Quarto, hardcover, dustwrapper, colour photographs, other illustrations.

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