Kelly, Lynne.

An introduction to spiders.  By observing and studying spiders in the world around her, and learning from experts and biologists, the author came to love these misunderstood members of the animal kingdom. As well as being an authoritative book on spiders this is a personal account of conquering arachnophobia and how any arachnophobe can do the same.

See the world of your daily life in a new way, as Lynne introduces you to your tiny housemates in the ceiling corners, burrowed beneath your feet, under the sink and at the bottom of the garden.

Spiders are everywhere. No matter how clean, how stark, how sterile your home, the spiders will come. Spiderlings will balloon in and wait for the insects that will come. Adult spiders will walk in. As you destroy one, another will take its place. Spiders are like that.

As you are reading, you are almost certainly in the company of spiders. In a dark recess, whether under your couch or behind the buffet, the cupboard spider sits on her tangled web patiently waiting for dinner. The house spider has just emerged from her funnelled web in the corner of the window to wait, just as patiently, for flying insects to flutter into her net. Under the eaves, a delicate common house spider has her tiny brood around her on the web.

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Allen & Unwin, February 2009.  272 pages, Octavo, paperback, colour photographs, black and white photographs.

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