Clements, Alan Neville.

This title is not held in stock but we are happy to supply on special order. Please contact us. Print on demand title. A detailed account of the embryology, growth and metamophosis of mosquitoes, the nutrition of larvae and adults, and egg production by the adult females. Physiological adaptations of larvae to their aquatic environment are also described.

[Contents] Aspects of genetics; embryology; the egg shell; larval feeding; larval nutrition, excretion and respiration; osmotic and ionic regulation; growth and development; metamorphosis; the circulatory system; the endocrine system and hormones; adult food and feeding mechanisms; the salivary glands and their secretions; structure of the adult alimentary canal; adult digestion; adult energy metabolism; adult diuresis, excretion and defaecation; structure of the gonads and gonoducts; spermatogenesis and the structure of spermatozoa; oogenesis; vitellogenesis; hormonal regulation of ovarian development in anautogenous mosquitoes; nutrition and fertility of anautogenous mosquitoes; autogeny.

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Cabi publishing, Small quarto, laminated boards, illustrations.

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