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OUT OF PRINT.  Australia’s beetles and bugs may be small – but if we look hard enoug h, they show us some of the most bizarre and fascinating lifestyles and behaviours on our planet.  This Steve Parish Wild Australia Guide opens up the miraculous small-scale world of Australia’s most numerous inhabitants. In describing endless variations on being born, growing up, finding food and a partner, reproducing and eventually being eaten or dying, this book shows that beetles and bugs never cease to amaze . The aim of this Wild Australia Guide is to promote understanding of these insects and concern about their habitats and wellbeing – and to remove the fear factor. Illustrated with beautiful photographs and with clear accounts of representative families and species, this book presents a whole new world to anyone with an interest in seeing more of the exquisite and colourful detail around us.

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Steve Parish Publishing, January 2008.  96 pages, Small octavo, paperback, colour photographs.

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