Cassis, G. and G. F. Gross.

The infraorder Pentatomomorpha is the subject of the second volume in the Zoological Catalogue of Australia series dealing with the true bugs (the suborder Heteroptera). It includes the bark bugs, stilt bugs, seed bugs, cotton stainers, burrowing bugs, shield bugs and stink bugs. Many of these species are of significant economic importance both as pests and as natural enemies of other insect pests.

In this catalogue, the authors propose a new classification for the Australian Heteroptera based on the most recent developments in heteropterology worldwide. The proposed classification departs significantly from all previous treatment of the Australian fauna. There is a comprehensive treatment of the classification and nomenclature of the Australian species and a thorough review of the literature concerned with the higher classification of the Pentatomomorpha.

The volume gives detailed information on the distribution and ecology of each species and features the first in depth listing of their host associations, including a significant accounting of the plant associations. All species and generic synonymies are given, including extra-limital synonyms, along with detailed type specimen data.

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CSIRO Publishing, Octavo, publisher’s cloth, illustrations.

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