Artist/Author : Woodley, Keith.
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First printed in 2009 and then a second edition in 2016, now out of print.  This wonderfully illustrated book by shorebird expert Keith Woodley, tells the miraculous story of the Bar-tailed godwits and their migrations – why and how they do it. It follows the birds on their intrepid journeys, examining the places they visit, be it an estuary in northern New Zealand, a mudflat on the Chinese-North Korean border, or a tundra nesting site in Alaska. Woodley, respected godwit expert and manager of the Miranda Shorebird Centre, details the amazing changes these birds undergo before their departure – from moulting into new plumage, to doubling their weight and shrinking non-essential body organs – as well as outlines their array of innate skills in weather prediction and global navigation. Incorporating the author’s own eye-witness accounts as well as meticulous research, this tale of navigation and stunning fortitude is written in a compelling yet accessible style that will appeal to both professional bird watchers and general readers curious to discover more about one of nature’s quiet achievers.

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Penguin New Zealand, 2009, 239 pages, Quarto, paperback, colour photographs.

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