Hempleman-Adams, David and Sophie Gordon,

This lavish full-colour publication presents the ill-fated Antarctic explorations of Scott and Shackleton through the eyes of their official photographers. Published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Scott’s expedition to the South Pole, this book brings together a selection of the astonishing photographs taken by Herbert Ponting travelling on board the Terra Nova with Scott, and by Frank Hurley on Endurance with Shackleton. David Hempleman-Adams, one of the world’s most successful polar explorers, introduces Ponting and Hurley’s evocative images, while further essays on the two camera artists and their processes are complemented by maps and chronologies of the expeditions, and biographies of members of their parties. The magnificent photographs themselves are the finest in existence. Some show unique tints applied to them by the photographers. They are presented alongside matchless archival material: the flag entrusted to Scott by Queen Alexandra upon his departure in 1910 and returned to her by Scott’s widow after his death; and a copy of the Aurora Australis, the first book ever to be printed in Antarctica.

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Royal Collection Enterprises Ltd Octavo, paperback, colour and black and white photographs, maps.

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