Penney, David and Paul A. Selden.

Provides general and up to date background information on the overall importance and diversity of fossil spiders, including an indication of those groups for which the taxonomy is spurious and in need of reassessment. Discusses the techniques available for working with fossil spiders and some of the problems encountered by palaeoarachnologists, including bias and limitations of the spider fossil record. The overall evolutionary history of spiders is summarized in the form of an evolutionary tree, which is subsequently used to address key issues of broad interest, such as origins, diversifications and extinctions, including the effects of mass extinctions and predator-prey co-radiations. Finally, the contribution that fossil data can make to understanding the past and present biogeography of the order is considered.

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Siri Scientific Press, 2011.  128 pages, Octavo, hardcover, black and white photographs, other illustrations.

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