Friedrich, Tobias.

OUT OF PRINT.  Underwater photography is a fascinating pursuit for those who want to capture the essence of the magic world under the ocean and bring it to the surface. In this book, multiple-award-winning author Tobias Friedrich discusses the rules and requirements for impressive underwater photography, from the equipment to the final image processing. Detailed “how-to” explanations describe the processes for capturing breathtaking images from the most beautiful diving areas on Earth, including the Arctic. These descriptions show how the images were created and discuss how to effectively use each technique. Often it is a small but important step that makes the difference between a good and an excellent image. This book provides countless tips and tricks for beginner and intermediate photographers. The examples are easy to understand, and the techniques can be applied to your very next shot. Friedrich’s methods will help you develop and master your underwater photography skills.

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Rocky Nook, September 2014.  Octavo, paperback, colour photographs.

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