Rotman, Jeffrey L.

Features some of the most spectacular undersea photography ever taken by Jeff Rotman, who has spent over thirty years photographing life in our planet’s seas and oceans. The focus is on the exquisite beauty of the world’s coral reefs and inhabitants. Rotman’s photographs of their vivid colors, textures and bizarre and magnificent shapes will leave readers speechless with awe. A variety of other types of ocean landscapes and ecosystems will also be featured, along with the startling diversity of wildlife found there, from sharks and dolphins to starfish and eels to anemones and coral cities. The exotic locales in which Rotman captured these images span the globe: Galapagos Islands, Red Sea, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, Great Barrier Reef, Vancouver Island, South Africa and Hawaii, to name but a few. Two of the richest, most diverse areas are located off the coast of Costa Rica and the Red Sea. Rotman’s text will highlight scientific facts and trivia about the amazing undersea world, interspersed with interesting personal anecdotes and insight gained from his many years photographing this amazing underwater eden.

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Abrams, May 2007.  Oblong format, laminated boards, colour and black and white photographs.

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