Dodd, C. Kenneth Jr

With many frog populations declining or disappearing and developmental malformations and disease afflicting others, scientists, conservationists, and concerned citizens need up-to-date, accurate information. Frogs of the United States and Canada is a comprehensive resource for those trying to protect amphibians as well as for researchers and wildlife managers who study biodiversity. From acrobatic tree frogs to terrestrial toads, C. Kenneth Dodd Jr. offers an unparalleled synthesis of the biology, behavior, and conservation of frogs in North America.

This two-volume, fully referenced resource provides color photographs and range maps for 106 native and nonindigenous species and includes detailed information on
– past and present distribution
– life history and demography
– reproduction and diet
– landscape ecology and evolution
– diseases, parasites, and threats from toxic substances
– conservation and management


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John Hopkins University Press, 982 pages, hardcover, 387 colour photos, 32 b/w line drawings, 109 b/w distribution maps