Brandis, Tony.

About 24% (20 million hectares) of the WA rangelands show considerable impact from grazing and are now classed as being in poor condition; about 30% (25 million hectares) in fair condition, with the remaining 46% in good condition.  There are differences between survey areas: only 20% of the west Kimberley, and 21% of the Murchison remains in good condition, while 77% of the Pilbara is considered to be in good condition.  The degradation of the natural ecosystems within the pastoral zone as a result of increased total grazing pressure raises serious concerns.  This book evaluates the conservation reserve design literature and describes a pragmatic approach to achieving a comprehensive, adequate and representative conservation reserve system within the prevailing land use framework.

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Department of Environment and Conservation (WA), Octavo, paperback, colour photographs, maps.

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