Jorgensen, S.E. and Brian D. Fath.

This is a thoroughly revised and updated edition of an authoritative introduction to ecological modelling. Sven Erik Jorgensen, Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Ecological Modelling”, and Giuseppe Bendoricchio, Professor of Environmental Modelling at the University of Padova, Italy, offer compelling insights into the subject. This volume explains the concepts and processes involved in ecological modelling, presents the latest developments in the field and provides readers with the tools to construct their own models. The third edition features: a detailed discussion and step-by-step outline of the modelling procedure; an account of different model types including overview tables, examples and illustrations; a comprehensive presentation of the submodels and unit processes used in modelling; in-depth descriptions of the latest modelling techniques; structured exercises at the end of each chapter; and, three mathematical appendices and a subject index. This practical and proven book very effectively combines the theory, methodology and applications of ecological modelling. The new edition is an essential, up-to-date guide to a rapidly growing field. It presents the most commonly used model types with a step-by-step outline of the modelling procedure used for each. It shows readers through illustrated example how to use each model in research and management settings. New edition is revised to include only essential theory with a focus on applications. It includes case studies, illustrations, and exercises (case study of an ecological problem with full illustration on how to solve the problem).

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Elsevier Science Publishers, Octavo, laminated boards, line drawings, graphs, tables.

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