Ng, Peter, Richard T. Corlett, and Hugh T. W. Tan.

This is a magnificently illustrated and superbly written guide to the unique and simply astounding biodiversity of Singapore. Singapore is home to an astounding diversity of life – from the bizarre looking Antlion to the engagingly named Slipper Limpet, and from the endangered Banded Leaf Monkey to the ocean dwelling Zebra Shark. This superbly illustrated volume – written by the foremost authorities on the natural environment of Singapore and based on the latest data and fieldwork – features 23 essays exploring the concepts of biodiversity, ecosystems, and sustainability, and describes more than 40,000 non-microbial species that make up the island’s unique biodiversity. With its more than 2,000 full-colour photographs, illustrations and maps, engaging and informative text, this is a must-have volume for anyone interested in the astonishing variety of wildlife found in Singapore.

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Editions Didier Millet Pty Ltd Quarto, dustwrapper, colour photographs, maps, other illustrations.

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