Nielsen, Lloyd.

This popular booklet combines the natural and local history of the Daintree. It tells the story of one of Earth’s oldest rainforests, one which has virtually survived intact for about 120 million years. The Daintree rose to prominence in the 1980s following the discovery of one of the greatest concentrations of primitive flowering plants on Earth – plants which occur nowhere else. Readers are taken on a journey which begins with its geological birth and ends with the Daintree as we see it today. Topics range from flora and fauna (includes the cassowary and crocodile), to the fascinating culture of the first human occupants (the Kuku Yalanji aborigines), the battle to save the Daintree from certain oblivion after developers began subdividing the rainforest, and the rapid changes brought about by European settlement.

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Author, Octavo, paperback, colour photographs, map.

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