Bindon, Peter

Drawing on his extensive experience gathered from over 30 years of associating with Aboriginal Landowners and talking with them about useful plants combined with personal observations of the most useful species of plants used as food in the various climatic zones of Australia, the author has assembled a series of suggested schemes for establishing one’s own productive bush tucker garden in a suburban landscape. Trial gardens were made by the author and his family at various different times in Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and on the south coast of New South Wales where the garden is located that serves as the focus of the author’s philosophy concerning bush tucker gardening. Observations of the habits and habitats of dozens of useful and edible plants have been sorted into groups that will grow together in one or another of the climatic zones of Australia. The book contains an extensive descriptive list of useful plants a bibliography of useful publications as well as a comprehensive index.

An excellent reference for those wanting to get started growing bush foods.  It includes regional climatic maps with garden plans and suggested plants for each region. Ninety seven plants are described including information on behaviour and uses.

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Author, 2014.  158 pages, Octavo, paperback, colour photographs, line drawings, map.

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