Artist/Author : Heinzel, Hermann and Barnaby Hall.
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World famous bird illustrator Hermann Heinzel teamed up with a young photographer to capture the bird and other wildlife of these islands.

For this breathtaking book – or rather two books in one – renowned illustrator Hermann Heinzel was joined by a young photographer, Barnaby Hall, to capture the stunning bird and other wildlife of the `Enchanted Isles’.
The first half comprises a tour of the islands,’ describing in words, illustrations and photographs the range of habitats and wildlife to be found, highlighting the strange behaviour and breeding strategies of the archipelago’s birds with alluring – and often amusing – images.
The second half of the book is a detailed field guide with sketches and more finished paintings, photographs and maps – a fresh approach to the conventional field manual, every page vibrant and informative as Hermann Heinzel’s enthusiasm and skill shine through. And to complete the book there is a complete checklist of all the birds so that observations can be recorded wherever you happen to be in the archipelago. Galapagos Diary is a model for all future guides, with over 640 colour photographs, thousands of illustrations and maps, and an engaging and insightful text.

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