Artist/Author : Wrigley, John and Murray Fagg
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OUT OF PRINT:  SOFTCOVER IS AVAILABLE ( Stock id 13622).  A comprehensive study of Australia’s most recognisable trees. It looks at Eucalypts and their place in art and history as well as an in depth examination of their evolution, biology and classification. Eucalypts are a familiar part of our landscape and an integral part of the Australian identity. We have farmed them and used them to build houses, furniture, roads and bridges since the beginning of white settlement. We have been inspired by them, painted them, made films about them, written books about them and of course Aboriginal Australians have long made musical instruments from them. Though a small number are found as native plants in several other countries, Eucalypts are a very Australian tree. This book celebrates their diversity, their beauty and the role they play in our history, culture and economy. It looks at their evolution, biology, horticulture and ecology, together with their classification and the botanists involved. Through historic and contemporary images, it examines the many ways in which they have served Aboriginal, colonial and contemporary Australians in both practical and aesthetic ways.  This book is also available in softcover.

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Allen & Unwin 2012.  Hardcover.  343 pages, colour & b/w photos, colour & b/w illustrations