Artist/Author : Jeffords, Michael, Susan Post
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Michael R. Jeffords and Susan L. Post have circled the globe – and explored their neighborhood – collecting images of the natural world. This book opens their personal cabinet of curiosities to tell the stories of the pair’s most unusual encounters.
From the “necking” battles of mate-hungry giraffes to the breathtaking beauty of millions of monarch butterflies at rest, Jeffords and Post share 200 stunning photographs and their own insightful essays to guide readers on a spectacular journey. Their training as entomologists offers unique perspectives on surprise stag beetle swarms and spider hunting habits. Their photographic eye, honed by decades of observation, finds expression in once-in-a-lifetime images. The result is an eyewitness collection of startling and unusual phenomena that illuminates the diverse life inhabiting our planet.
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University of Illinois Press, October 2017.  Paperback 232 pages