Artist/Author : Gernaat, Hajo, et al.
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This is the first book on Surinamese butterflies in over a century. Introductory chapters on the plants, rainforest and the various habitats of Suriname, are followed by the biology of butterflies and the rich history of their study. Detailed descriptions of 150 species from all butterfly families a complimented by full colour photographs taken in Suriname. Appendices contain additional information on Maria Sybilla Merian, Pieter Cramer and glossaries of local names of animals and plants, as well as of technical terms. With almost 300 photographs and figures in the text, nearly all especially made in Suriname for this book, and more than 600 photographs on 52 plates, this book should be read by every Surinamese, interested biologist, tourist and other lover of the nature of Suriname.

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KIT Publishers, Octavo, laminated boards, colour photographs, illustrations, maps.

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