Kobayashi, Kunio

Kunio Kobayashi is one the world’s most recognized bonsai artists. In this comprehensive book, he presents all the essential techniques needed to plant and maintain the most popular types of bonsai — from pines, cypress and cedar to flowering trees and other beloved varieties, including grasses.

Bonsai Master Class  shows you how, with the help of human hands, a bonsai tree can evolve and thrive over centuries. This book provides you with all the vital information you need, including:

  • A thorough explanation of the basic bonsai types and styles, and their characteristics
  • Guidance in the art of selecting the right plants, pots and spaces to display your bonsai
  • Tips on getting started including purchasing the plants, assembling the necessary tools and choosing the soils
  • Advice and techniques for planting, repotting, watering, pruning, shaping, wiring and protecting your plants, including a seasonal schedule of tasks for each type of bonsai
  • Detailed lessons for specific bonsai varieties like Japanese cypress, red pine, maple, zelkova, sakura and more!

You’ll be inspired by Kobayashi’s award-winning bonsai ranging from classic types to out-of-the-box originals, showing how this art form is as individual as it is traditional. His book will become your bible as you nurture and cultivate your skills and knowledge of these venerable plants.

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Tuttle Publishing, April 2024.  224 pages, paperback, Photographs and illustrations throughout