Krisch, Peter

OUT OF PRINT.  REPRINT UNDER CONSIDERATION 2021.  Rainforests of Australia’s East Coast is aimed primarily at the reader group of more than 500,000 active bushwalkers in Australia. A large percentage of bushwalkers visit all subforms of rainforests on a regular basis and identification of plant species is a common subject.  The book is written in a comprehensible, engaging style and employs descriptive illustrations and photos to raise the interest into the great diversity, primeval origins and uniqueness of Australian rainforests.

The many beautiful images are taken from the author’s own collection which has been built up over many decades. Photos of widely distributed rainforest species including mosses, ferns, mushrooms and lichens together with informative texts enable the reader to identify species commonly encountered. Easy to use identification keys to the major plant groups and fungi are provided.

The book demonstrates that rainforests are self-sustaining ecosystems that rely on a myriad of associations to reproduce and survive.  It will be a valuable information source for bushwalkers, for anyone with an interest in Australia’s native flora, and also for readers involved in outdoor activities such as gardening and horticulture.


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New Holland Publishers, April 2019.  272 pages, paperback, colour photographs throughout