Flowerdew, Bob

Bob Flowerdew is the authority on what’s worth growing – whether it’s for quantity, ease, taste, or storing – and how to get the best results.

Whether you want to know how to grow the biggest strawberries, experiment with tropical fruit, prune your pear tree correctly or stop the birds eating your raspberries, Bob has all the answers. His practical experience of growing organically, for pleasure and the table, is the core of this accessible and comprehensive book.

Each fruit has detailed varieties to grow for particular purposes, their cultivation, weed and pest control, harvesting and storing. Additionally, the history of the plant is given, together with medicinal, culinary and other uses as well as delicious recipes. Suggestions for companion planting, creating an ornamental fruit garden and growing in containers are also included.

With Bob’s enthusiasm and knowledge, this book will encourage every gardener to grow their own – even for those with only a balcony.

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Simon & Schuster, December 2018.  256 pages, paperback, colour illustrations throughout