Jurgen Beckers & Pablo Flores

Colombia is the home to almost 1.900 birdspecies (nearly one fifth of the world total). The country hosts the highest number of birds of any country in the world. This book describes in detail the best and most accessible birding sites in Colombia. It covers 127 sites spread across almost every department of the country, including San Andres and Providencia. 85 colour maps make it easy to locate more than 70% of Colombia’s species, including all 73 of the country endemics. This book expertly guides birders through the necessary logistics, explaining how to get to each site, where to stay and where to eat. In addition the book is enhanced by 240 full colour photos of birds and birding sites. About the authors: Jurgen Beckers (born 1964) has been living part-time in Colombia and Venezuela since 1997. He has organised and guided many tours in both countries. In addition he has travelled to nearly every part of the country, discovering new birding sites and additional birds. When not working and birding in Colombia, he works as a freelance Mechanical Engineer, mainly in his native country of Belgium. Pablo Florez (born 1977) started birding at the age of 15. His studies of the Yellow-eared Parrot formed the basis of his thesis before graduating as a Forestry Engineer. Since 2000 he has been deeply involved with bird conservation, working on many projects and leading expeditions. He is a a co-founder of ProAves and contributed to the creation of several private reserves. After 20 years of active birding Pablo has seen more than 1,710 bird species in Colombia.

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Buteo Books, October 2013. 274 pages, paperback, 240 colour photos, 130 colour maps