Weidensaul, Scott.

Weidensaul translates difficult scientific concepts into understandable English while artfully interweaving personal experiences into the larger natural-history story. A book fulfilling for birders and nonbirders alike.

‘Living on the Wind stands out among bird books. Usually, book designers adore bird migration because it gives them the chance to endulge in wonderfully evocative illustrations and photographs. Soon, the text becomes of secondary importance, and another coffee-table book is spawned. Remarkably, Living on the Wind hasn’t fallen into this trap. It is a book to be read, not looked at; there is not a single picture of a bird to enliven its 400 pages. Thought-provoking, provocative, informative, its not only an outstanding book on bird migration, it’s also one of the best bird books I have read for a long time. It may be heavily biased towards North America, but there is sufficient here to hold the attention of anyone who has ever marvelled at the mysteries of bird migration.’ David Tomlinson, New Scientist

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North Point Press, 2003.  420 pages, Octavo, paperback,

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