Slater, Peter, Pat Slater and Raoul Slater

This second edition is a major upgrade on the previous edition. It is substantially bigger with an extra 71 pages and 64 new or extensively revised colour plates. The book has been completely reorganized, common and scientific names have been updated, the maps are revised and there are many extras such as a visual index for beginners and the clever use of colour vignettes throughout the text

This guide to the identification and classification of all the birds so far recorded in Australia is designed for use in the field, to slip easily into a hip-pocket, backpack, or glovebox. The illustrations have been planned to enable easy comparison between similar species. The text emphasises the best way to differentiate each species, with a key sentence setting out the most helpful characteristics to watch for. In The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds, more than 750 species are described and illustrated in 157 superbly painted plates. The concise and informative text details the different plumages of male and female birds, variations between adult and juvenile birds, information on separate sub-species or races, together with their range. The book also includes species distribution maps, which enable the watcher to tell at a glance whether the particular bird is within its area, or is perhaps a rare visitor. In addition, the eggs of all species that actually breed in Australia are illustrated. A concise description of the nest is given as well.  The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds is a must for naturalists and enthusiasts alike visiting Australia.

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Reed New Holland, September 2009.  414, paperback, colour illustrations, maps.

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