Gregory Phil; Matsui Jun

Birdwatchers travel to North Queensland from all over the world in search of specialities such as Southern Cassowary, Eclectus Parrot, Golden Bowerbird, Magnificent Riflebird and Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher.   This comprehensive field guide to the birds of the region covers more than 400 species found in the rainforests and other key habitats which are at the epicentre of Australia’s avian biodiversity.  Each species is illustrated with usually three or four of Jun Matsui’s stunning photographs, showing different plumages according to age, sex or season.  Phil Gregory’s text – approximately 150 words per species – describes key identification features, habitat, distribution, voice and status. The book is aimed at Queensland birdwatchers and also at the many visitors to the region. It includes all the latest taxonomy, such as recently ‘split’ species never previously described or illustrated in a field guide, which will appeal in particular to keen birders. In short it is the best and only guide of its kind on the market.

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New Holland Publishers, December 2018.  432 pages, paperback, colour photographs throughout.