Turner, James R.

This book introduces the Australian frog fauna and includes a painting of, and distribution maps for each of the 213 species and 5 sub-species of Australian frogs currently recognised in 2003, mostly based on Dr H G Coggers’ taxonomy.  More than 110 new species of Australian frogs have been discovered and described since 1960.  The five Families of frogs found within Australia are dealt with, followed by details of the Genera within each of the Families.  The individual species are arranged in alphabetical order using their common name.  However a Quickfind index is provided at the front of the book to enable those familiar with scientific names to go directly to any Family, Genus or specific species.  The text on each species has clear, precise information.

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Pensoft Publishers, 2004.  164 pages, hard cover, colour plates, maps.

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