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NOT AVAILABLE.  OUT OF PRINT.  Explores this diverse group of insects from the family Tettigoniidae, which comprises more than 1000 species in Australia, including Norfolk and Lord Howe islands. It highlights their relationships to plants, humans and the environment, and includes colour photographs of many species.

Australian katydids are among the most commonly seen Australian insects. Most are spectacularly colourful and have highly photogenic adaptive shapes. They are masters of deception in imitating twigs, bark, leaves and stems and other insects. A few are brightly coloured and are distasteful to predators. They range in size from about 5 mm to well over 90 mm. They occur all over Australia in most habitats.  Katydids continue to be research subjects in many university curricula.  Students are studying their behaviour, acoustical physiology and ecology.

Australian katydids are organised in a single family, the Tettigoniidae. This family comprises about 2000 species in Australia. The family is conveniently divided into very recognisable subfamilies which are separated into tribes. These are all very recognisable units and are a natural way to organise a book.

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CSIRO Publishing,  June 2010.  224 pages, Octavo, paperback, colour photographs.

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