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Artist/Author : Kidman-Cox, Rosamund, Editor

This stunning book comprises 10 individual portfolios from some of the world’s leading wildlife photographers. Detailing each photographer’s approach, influences and aims, it displays iconic images from each artist, reflecting the spectrum of their work. A breathtaking array of photographs celebrating the beauty and variety of life on Earth, this book would make a beautiful accompaniment to any home.

The master photographers making up The Masters of Nature Photography, Volume Two are Tim Laman (Lexington, MA), Brian Skerry (Uxbridge, MA), Steve Winter (Hoboken, NJ) Art Wolfe (Seattle), Hannu Hautala (Finland), Klaus Nigge (Germany), Thomas P. Peschak (Germany/South Africa), Tui de Roy (New Zealand), Cyril Ruoso (France), and Stefano Unterthiner (Italy). These influential artists provide us with insight into the natural world, from vast, beautiful landscapes and genuinely wild creatures in their natural habitat to spectacular shots of natural phenomena, groundbreaking underwater images and outstanding photojournalism.

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Natural History Museum, London,  December, 2016.  224 pages, hardcover, dustjacket,  colour and black and white photographs