Egerton, Louise.

Revised Edition now released.  One copy only.  Know Your Birds narrows the field to Australia’s best known birds, those you are most likely to see around our towns and cities.   Ok, so you can tell a pigeon from a seagull but what about a Magpie from a Currawong?   Or a native Noisy Miner from an introduced Indian or Common Myna?   There are over 750 species of birds in Australia, so it’s not surprising that most of us give up trying to know them all.   Between the pages of this book – no matter where you live in Australia – you will find a great many familiar birds.   Each of the 80 entries features a photographic portrait of a well-known bird.  From these alone you will be able to identify most of the birds that you see.  The accompanying text is all about how these birds live: their foibles, habits, social lives and domestic arrangements.  You’ll be amazed at just how different from one another their lifestyles are.

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New Holland, 2004.  176 pages,  paperback, colour photographs, maps.

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